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System Optimization Beyond Performance


From desktop, to the client-server, out to the web and SOA, and then up-to-the cloud and mobile – optimal system architecture is a subjective term. We believe it is the unique business objectives that defines the optimal architecture while best practices are best common practices in the industry.


Pragmatic Approach

Work with stakeholders impacted by the project to identify needs, realize constraints, visualize brainstorm options, perform cost-benefit analysis, iterate through approaches to succeed in delivering optimal for the specific needs solution:

  1. Fast processing for large number of light requests, fast processing for few but heavy request, or both.

  2. Live monitoring and SMS alerts vs. periodic and historical reports printed out to paper.

  3. Low cost or high availability and reliability.

  4. Regulations and compliances to meet or “we got to have it out by end-of-the-month”.

  5. On premises, data center, or cloud hosted.

  6. Dedicated staff to support or it maintenance free, self recovering system.