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Ontario Ministry of Education

Ministry of Education replaced Excel-and-email based School Boards budgeting process with web-based user interface and Oracle back-end.


Replace spreadsheets based process with web based database system. Previously financial analysts would develop spreadsheet template, protect the formulas, and send-out to School Boards to populate the data. Subsequently financial analysts would process the filled-out templates, request correction, reject, or accept the submissions.

With roll-out of the initiative the entire system became web-based using Asp and Oracle Rdbms. Financial analysts would be able to craft the templates using unlimited number of columns and rows, just-in-time defined formulas, validation rules just like they were used to in Excel, and now using a web browser from anywhere and with data properly stored, secured, and versioned in Oracle database. School boards are able to access their submissions, implement correction, address rejections with no delay and dealing with multiple versions of the same template being worked on by multiple people.

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Implement cross-system access control reporting and

Design and development of the Enterprise Data Warehouse,