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Call Back

Bell Canada added site-wide link to allow site visitor to connect over-the-phone with live agent specifically skilled for the section and for the location end-user was visiting from.

Bell Canada web site previously attempted to link site-users with a live agent over the phone whether with an immediate call back or by scheduling a call. The implementation has been attempted and failed before when Bell Canada engaged us to deliver the solution in collaboration with Virtual-Hold offering.

Upon successful roll-out link would pop-up across web site when an agent with appropriate skill-set specific to the web site page, to location of the end-user, and based on the time of day. Web site visitor would be able to select the option of immediate call back or schedule a call with the agent at the time convenient to the visitor and in accordance with agent schedule.

Ministry of Education replaced Excel-and-email based School

Implement cross-system access control reporting and

Design and development of the Enterprise Data Warehouse,