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Our Projects

Exclusive Listings Club is a platform for

Javid Educational Centre, Student Information

Designed and implemented Insurance Gateway

Ministry of Education replaced

Bell.ca added site-wide link to allow site

Implement cross-system access control

Developed over 200 HR reports, migrated

Created the Online Managerial Sales Reporting

Solved a number of major performance

Consolidated data capture and processing into

Customization of ETL processes to comply with

Massive migration of 30,000+ pages and

Numerous customizations to a highly

Design of high availability energy contract

Improved release quality with a fully

Design and development of the Enterprise Data

Design and development of high performance

Solved performance challenges in key online

Horizons,  Exchange Trade Funds Web

Royal Persicus, Asset Management, and

Faragam,  Enterprise Cost Estimation

The following is a short list of our sample projects. for a complete list, please contact us here!