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Capitalize on your data - measure business performances and identify strategic improvements.

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01 Business Intelligence

Any organization’s competitive edge is supplemented by quality of the data and  and how they use it in the decision making process. We can make those decisions easy for you. More

02 Cloud Solutions

The sooner you join the next age of Information Technology, the farther you will be ahead of your competition. We can help you migrate your existing solutions to the cloud with minimum security risk. More

03 Software Optimization

Too many complex solutions at hand? Too valuable to replace them? We can help your solution reach it’s optimum capacity. More

Exclusive Listings Club is a platform for real estate agents

Javid Educational Centre, Student Information Management

Designed and implemented Insurance Gateway Enterprise

Ministry of Education replaced Excel-and-email based School added site-wide link to allow site visitor to

Implement cross-system access control reporting and

Developed over 200 HR reports, migrated employee information

Created the Online Managerial Sales Reporting System to

Solved a number of major performance bottlenecks and

Consolidated data capture and processing into a common